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மோகனம் பாட வாருங்கள் Come On !Let us Sing together !!

Mohana Punnagai Eno !
மோகனம் பாட வாருங்கள் = எங்கள் கண்ணன் வளர்ந்த
கோகுலம் செல்ல வாருங்கள்.

இந்த இனிய புத்தாண்டு நாளை உல்லாசமாகவும் களிப்போடும்
கொண்டாட, மோகன ராகத்திலே ஒரு கச்சேரி ஆரம்பிப்போமா?

கச்சேரி என்றால், அதுவும் ஜனவரி மாத குளிரில் ஒரு கச்சேரி என்றால் சும்மாவா என்ன? மற்ற கச்சேரிகள் எல்லாமே ஒரு pattern ஆக
standardise ஆகியிருக்கும்போது, நம்ம கச்சேரி மட்டும் தனி. அது என்ன unique என்று கேட்கிறீகளா? இதுலே வர்ணம், கீர்த்தனை, ராகம், தானம் பல்லவி, அப்பறம் ஒரு தமிழ் பாட்டு, ஒரு பரத நாட்டியம், கடைசியில் ஒரு கடதரங்க் எல்லாமே மோகன ராகத்தில்தான்.

While Raaga is constant , different musicians who are the legend in the
Carnatic Music Field, present their best.

அந்தப்புதுமையை நீங்கள் அனுபவிக்க, இதோ வருகிறான், கார்முகில் கண்ணன். அவன் சன்னதியிலே நாம் எல்லோரும் மோகன கீதம் பாடுவோம்.

மோகனம் பாட வாருங்கள் = எங்கள் கண்ணன் வளர்ந்த
கோகுலம் செல்ல வாருங்கள்.

Let us start this new year 2008 with a great Musical Concert, dedicated to Raag Mohanam. We are presenting a plethora of immortal songs (vocals and instrumental as well as Bharath Natyam) set toRaag Mohanam. This Raag Belongs to 28th Mela kartha raag Harikhamboji.

Aroganam: Sa Ri2 Ga2 Pa Da2 Sa
Ava: Sa Da2 Pa Ga2 Ri2 Sa

Chathusruthi Rishabam Sadharana gandharam and Chathusruthi Daivatham
Form part of this raag.

In order you may absorb MOHANAM in all its splendour, here comes Dr.MLV to enchant you all with the Alaapana of this Raag.

Having understood this raag we proceed with an application of this Raag in the varnam :
ninnu kori ..Varnam..
Guess the Film where Ilayaraja has produced one masterpiece in this Raag.

Madurai Mani Iyer belonged to those Golden Era of Classical Carnatic Music. He mesmerized the audience by his Kalpana Swaras and his creativity in the realm of permutation and combination of swaras was astounding and had no national boundaries. ( In fact, even in 1950s he set tune for western music with his imaginative Swaras which kept even the western musicians spellbound)

Here you will be listening to the highly popular song “Kapali” .
(main audio only in the video)

This raag has just four swaras other than shadjam and panchamam. But the virat swarupa of this raag was made known by Dr.Bala Muralikrishna in his Sanskrit verse: “Narasimham Aagacha”
Both the alapana as well as the swara gamana exhibits the entire universe of this Raag.
Please click and if U R not taken there, pl cut and paste the URL that follows:

“Meera” was the film which ran for years all over India. A very famous song Giridhara Gopala sung by Dr.M.S.Subbulakshmi, still rings in the memory of carnatic music lovers.
Let us see the video now.

Giridhara gopala...Meera...MS...Mohanam

As a commercial break, we introduce a bharath Natyam in a combination of
Sriranjani and Mohanam...Bharath Natyam

What flows now is a breath-taking in Ghata Tharang in Raag Mohanam. Not many are familiar with gata tharang. The jala tharang consists of cups filled with varied measures of water. But in ghata tharang, a similar situation is there, mudpots replacing china clay cups, as the thickness of the pots differs and these are placed according to the swaras.

Ghata Tharang Mohanam

Hope you would have enjoyed Raag Mohana in all its depth and full flavour.
We shall meet again .
Once again wishing you all
A very Happy New Year.

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