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Shuddha Kalyan ( Bhoop + Yaman kalyan) of Hindusthani & Mohana Kalyani ( Mohanam + Kalyani) of Carnatic

A brilliant analysis of Raag Shuddha KALYAN by Sri Deepak Raja, in his blog propelled me to write this article on how this Hindusthani Raag Shuddha Kalyan resembles MOhana kalyani of Carnatic Classical.
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In the words of Sri Deepak Raja, the author of the blog,Shuddha Kalyan is a popular, though difficult, raga of the Kalyan parent scale. The raga is pentatonic in the ascent and heptatonic in the descent.

Ascent: SRGPDS'
Descent: S'NDPM^GRS

The ascent is identical to Bhoop/Bhupali, while the descent is identical to Yaman/Kalyan

Mohana Kalyani also has the same Arohana and Avarahona.
This belongs to:
65 mEcakalyANi janya
Aa: S R2 G3 P D2 S
Av: S N3 D2 P M2 G3 R2 S

Both have five swaras on the ascent and all the seven in the descent. So both raagas are Audava Sampoorna Raagas.

Mohana kalyani, as the name itself reveals, is mohanam at the ascent and kalyani in the descent.

First Let us listen to pandit ravi shankarji.raag shuddh kalyan

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Now, please listen to a thillana in Mohana kalyani by Ms.Aruna Sayee ram.

Maharajapuram Santhanam sings a Tamil song SENTHAMIL NADENNUM POTHINILE

adinaye kanna sudha raghunathan mohana kalyani

A few songs which one can never forget are there amidst hindi films. A couple are illustrated below:

Raga: Shudh Kalyan
Chand phir nikala - Paying Guest
Meri muhabbat javan rahegi - Janwar
Jahaan daal daal par sone ki cheediyaan - Sikandar-e-Azam
Chaand phir nikala, magar tum na aaye - Paying Guest ..SD Burman .. latha

Rasik balama - Chori Chori lata mangeshkar
rasika balma

Now getting back to Hindusthani Classical, listen
pandit Bhimsen Joshi Raag Shudh kalyan

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A khayal again...

aeri miya piya
khayal .. shuddh kalyan
bhimsen joshi

A budding genius, kalyani hemmady 15 year old student of hindusthani music.

bhimsen joshi bandish shudh kalyan
Brij Bhushan in Guitar followed by
Pandit Ravi Shankar in sitar

Now do some about turn to look back at mohana kalyani.
mOhana kalyANiSongs:

shivam vrshabhArUDham - HB
siddhi vinAyakam - HB

The most popular Film songs, in Mohana kalyani are::

gItA, sangItA, sangItamE (anbE sangItA)
rAgam pudu rAgam (nenjil orumuL)

jugal bandhi yaman kalyan bhimsen joshi and balamurali

Now, the second part of Shudha kalyan is yaman. This sounds like yaman kalyani
of Carnatic Classical.

yaman kalyani has in its fold a few wonderful songs. Among them,
krishnan kalaya sakhi ranks first.
Listen to this ong before thinking about the yaman kalyan of Hindusthani classical hindi film song: which follows:

um Bin Jeevan Kaise Bita Puchho...

Only a discerning and inquisitive mind will be able to see the lakshman rekha betwixt these Raagas. So, if you do not get it, do not bother, as I used to say often, it is the sound that appeals much more than the logic behind it.



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