Monday, January 28, 2008

Darbaari kanada..A demonstration by experts

First and Foremost, let us listen to
Pandit Bhimsen Joshi on
Durbaari kanada Drupad

An analysis in depth has been done already on this Raag and viewers may kindly go to my earlier posts where the grammar of this raag as well as the emotions this raag arouses are detailed in letter and spirit.

NOW LISTEN TO THE GREAT MAESTRO JOHN HIGGINS, the american, who mastered Carnatic music and rendered in an inimitable style, rendering GOVARDHAN GIRIDHARI, in Raag Durbaari kaanada.
You will please listen to the audio only. Any movie pictures you find in the video are incidental or accidental.

What follows is a classic display of Thillana by SRI KUNNAKUDI VAIDHYANATHAN IN THE RAAG DURBAARI KANADA.

1 comment:

kannabiran, RAVI SHANKAR (KRS) said...

John Higgins rendering is marvellous, Sury Sir!

Might be you should also consider a series on artists, who are not from culture, but immensely added value to our culture!

Great going though on series of ragas!
What we do at Isai Inbam is only the tip of the iceberg mainly for beginners.
But your posts are so rich and awesome! Rock on :-)