Sunday, March 23, 2008

You may just imagine that you are through the greeneries in a fine morning, when birds sing, and the chilly winds are infusing in you all the joys in the world.
You are elated. you start singing. The raag will be malaya marutham.

Theoreticians say that this raag belongs to
16 cakravAkam janya. The Aroganam and Avaroganam are:
Aa: S R1 G3 P D2 N2 S
Av: S N2 D2 P G3 R1 S

The entire gamut of this raag can well be understood here. We give below
both the alapana and kalpana Swaras sung by Dr.Yesudoss.
You will listen to GNB now. The popular..ETHULO..

Who is this Great Singer who sings Malyamarutham to heart's conent !

One love to listen to malayamarutham on guitar

karpaga manohara..malaya marudham..
Song: karpaga manOhara
RAgam: malayaMArutam (sounds similar to Valachi) janya of ChakravAgam
TAlam: khanda chApu
Composer: Papanasam Sivan (1890-1973)

swaras malayamarudham swaras mandlin prasanna


A number of
Film songs are based on this raag. Few among them are:

kaNNanE nI vara kAttirundEn (tendralE ennai toDu)
?kODi inbam (nenjil ADum pU onru)
OrAru mugamum IrAru karamum (sIrkAzhi gOvindarAjan tapA)
pUppUkkum mAsam tai mAsam (varusham 16)

Malayamarutham Aalolam Peelikavadi Theril Aalolam (Malayalam)

Malayamarutham Kanmani Nee Vara Thendrale Ennai Thodu

A bhakthi Sangeeth in malayamarutham.
hanumani swamikkinda adayalam sollaiya
Composed by : Arunachala kavirayar
Sanjay Subramanian does not sing,he gives his heart out.

As a bonus, we give a film song based on this raag.
Malayamarutham. Lyric: Oomai Nenjin Sondham Film: Manidhanin Marupakkam
One more song in
Malayamarutham Poojaikaaga Vaadum Poovai Film: Kaadhal Oviyam ; unluckily i am not able to get at the place where it could be downloaded or embedded.
Malayamarutham Thendral Ennai Muthamittathu Oru Odai Nadiyagirathu

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