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What an unparalleled splendor this Carnatic Raag sports!

In any classical performance of an erudite singer this Raag finds a definite place. It has carved for itself an unique place in the history of Carnatic Music in such a way that all composers have enriched their lyrics with this Raag Bhairavi which belongs to the 20th Melakartha Raag

The aAroganam and avarOhanam of this Raag are:

Aaroganam: S G1 R2 G1 M2 P D2 N1 S
Avaroganam: S N1 D1 P M1 G1 R2 S

What follows is a demonstration of Arohanam and Avarahonam of Bhairavi and also an alaapana giving out the dimensions of this Raag. The demonstration is by my illustrious sister, who is well over sixty this day.

Even before illustrating this Raag, let me hasten to add that Bhairavi as understood in Hindusthani Classical Music is a different Raag, having similarity with SINDHU BHAIRAVI of Carnatic Classical Music. We shall deal with the raag Sindhu Bhairavi as understood in Carnatic Classical Music in a different posting.
(If you are particular to listen to a wonderful song by K.L.Saigal in Bhairavi (as they call it - which in fact is our Sindhu Bhairavi - please proceed to the last portion of this posting.)

Let us also listen to a similar alaapana by Hyderabad Sisters whose erudition needs no introduction. I am just enjoying the Alaapana which is exhibited in all its splendour.
Listen to the alaapana by clicking the image below;

Music Lovers love to listen to Sri O.S.Thyagarajan's classical performances whenever and wherever they are held. You now listen to an alaapani in Bhairavi by Sri O.S.Thyagarajan.

A veena recital follows in Raag Bhairavi

The recital in veena is classified as Neraval in the same Raaga bhairavi by Chidambaram Sri Badrinath.

Last, but not the least, we shall be listening to one of the everlasting songs of M.K.Thyagaraja bhaghavathar, a legend in Tamil film Music and History. I love to listen to this song which is set to Raag bhairavi.

We shall also bring out in our subsequent postings a few more Tamil Movie songs based on this raga. Composers have mostly used Nata Bhairavi in their songs. We shall deal with this aspect at a later stage.

A wonderful cine song in Sindhu Bhairavi ( which in Hindusthani Classical Music Called Bhairavi ) by illustrious singer K.L.Saigal.


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