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Raag Hindolam..Learn to Lose yourself in Swapna Loka.Click Here for a Thillana by BOMBAY SISTERS

Let us now understand the rudiments of Raag Hindolam

We are aware that the swaras for this Raaga are:

Arohanam: Sa Ga 1 Ma 1 Dha 1 Nee 1 Sa

Avaraohanam: Sa Nee Dha Ma Ga Sa

In the Arohan , you have sa (Shadjamam), followed by Ga 1 which is Sadharana Gandharam, Ma 1 which is Sudha Madhyamam, Dha 1 Sudha Daivatam, Nee1 which is kaishiki Nishadam.

Scholars say that this Raag Hindolam owes its origin to 20th Melakartha Raag Nata Bhairavi.

Rishabam is absent.Equally Panchamam is also meticulous by its absence.

So Hindolam consists of Five Swaras only both in Arohanam and Avarohaam.

EveryOne would have heard of the most popular Kirthana of Sant Sri Thyagaraja Swamigal, SAMAJA VARA GAMANA… composed in HINDOLAM raga set to Adhi Taala.

The pallavi of the kirthana is:

Samaja vara gamana Saadhu hruth
Saara Saksha Paala kaalaatheetha vikyaatha

Set to swaras, let us see:
Swara: Ma Ma Ga Sa SaaSa Nee Dhaa nee
Sahithya : Sa ma ja va ra ga ma

Swara: Saa Saa Maa Gaa Maa
Sahithya: Na Saa dhu Hruth

The first line, Samaja Varagamana, when repeated for the second time,
You have
GaMaDhaMa Ma Ga Saa Saasanee DhaNee
Saa ma ja va ra gama
Saa Saa maaGa maa
Naa Saa ..dhu…. hruth…

Lest we go too deep into the grammar of this Raaga, let us listen to this
Raaga in a style that not only we understand the manifestation, but we start loving it and enjoy.
Click in below:

Possibly you have already seen and relished the film. Do you remember the scene when the song is sung? The song is sung by the heroine,set to the right type of Swaras. But at the end of the rendering of the song, you find Somayajulu gets angry. Why you know?

Unconsciously, in her ecstacy, the heroine, introduces in her song, the Swara Rishabam which does not have a place in the pure Raag HINDOLAM.

To a puritan, a raag to become classical, should confine itself within the parameters. No deviation…..No dilutions are allowed… (What happens when 'panchamam' is added - one may ask. It is musical no doubt, but grammarians would hardly allow them. They will just leave the Hall)

Having said that, a lay man, like me,listens only to the melody of the Raag. Here and there, if some blend is there, he overlooks, more because he is lost in the melodious and flavour of this Hindolam. This is more so when the raag is rendered in vocal.

When you listen to a Raag in instrumental music, the swaras are more discernible.
Let us listen to a Veena recital in Raag Hindolam.
By The Most Popular Veena Musician

yOU MAY ALSO CHOOSE A VIOLIN recital by the Giant among musicians Sri Kunnakkudi Vaidhyanathan, in the Raag Hindolam. I am reserving this as a CLIMAX to this thesis at the end.

Let us see a classical Hindolam now by Unnikrishnan.

Song : Pachai Mamalaipol (Divya prabhandam) Artist : Unnikrishnan P Ragam : Hindolam Thalam : Aadi Composer : Thondaradipodi Aazhwar (more) (less)
Category Entertainment

Hindolam is a classical Carnatic Raag. This Raag has close resemblance with Raag Malkauns of the Classical Hindusthani Music. Erudite Scholars affirm that both Hindolam and Malkauns are symmetrical.
You will be clicking twice to listen to:

We are listening to Ms. Rupa in Raag Malkauns. She is one among the greats of Hindusthani classical Music. Elsewhere, in this blog, I have given a link to her website.

Dr.Kamala Shankar is a great Guitar Player. Her Orchestra Shankar Orchestra is literally magic Personified.
Here you find a perfect blend of Guitar, Sitar, violin .
What a Fine Amalgam ! God Bless Her.

A full manifestation of Raag Malkauns was made in the ever lasting film Baiju Bawra…
We are just moved by the melody.

See the Visualisation and Portrayal

Hindolam or Malkauns …..Both are Raagas of Indhra Loka.
You feel the Greeneries You sense the fragrance of all Roses You see All Luminiscence.
Forget yourself. Dwell Deep into the Swapna Lok
Now, there is an option, for you either
Listen to a THILLANA by Bombay Sisters CLICK HERE or

Kindly do not forget to give me your feedback. If what you see is good, TELL OTHERS. Otherwise, contact me. I have an open mind. I am always free for correction.


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Highly innovative. I am at a loss to describe my feelings.

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Very admirable. I look forward to more.

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Hi Sury
I came to know of your blogspot indirectly through a comment that you'd left on justprams' site. Its fantastic.I have only recently begun to discover the intricacies of the Raagas. Your efforts to explain these in simple terms so that even the uninitiated can grasp the basics is great. Thank you. I can't wait to go through some of your older posts. By the way you are so right in that you had left the Kunnakudi Vaidhyanathan's violin recital for the climax. I had tears in my eyes..his music and the raga and the accompanying flute and veena etc - they take you to another world don't they? If you had any suggestions as to where I can listen to Kunnakudi V's music please let me know. Many many thanks and do hope to see more of such on your site. Best wishes

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Fantastic work.
I love the carnatic music and travel each year to Chennai for the December session. Now I am trying learn how to identify the Ragas.
This is very good resource.

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