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Yaman or Yamuna Kalyani was a delicately decorated young bride.
Hamir Kalyani is the established and also novel, innocent and alsoproud, beautiful and also the majestic Begum of the Sultanate Durbar.

Listen to the raga.

Arokan : S G m P N S

Avro : S N D P G M P G m R S

While DPGMP provides the majesty and pride, with GmRS flows theinnocent beautiful proximity to the heart.

Originated in HCM where it is known by the name Hamvir or Hamir, the raga was aptly adopted as Hamir Kalyani in CCM, being of the KalyaniThaat and is suited for late evening riyaaz.

Naturally, with the fragrance of wine, flowers and fully decked tawaifs overflowing theCourt of the Sutanate, no other raga would have suited it better.

Hamvir has been very beautifully exploited by the MDs of Hindi filmdom,O.P.Nayyar being the prominent among them.

Can anyone forget theBengali Babu, Joy Mukerjee (whose films mostly ran just on the merit ofsongs) pleading with a naughty Saira in Ek Hasina Ek Musafir to meethim every day, so that "ek din pyaar ho jaayega". Same Joy rodehappily with Asha Parekh singing happily "Shaukse bachkar yaar kahonjaoge". Surely, no body can escape the charm of the raga. Again underNayyar's tantallizing music, Mukerjee sang on a boat "Phir tereshahar mein lutneko chhalaya hoon". True, Hamvir would not let you beback till it has robbed you of all your restlessness.

Naushad, the classical master of filmy geet, was not far behind. Achained Madhubala prays "bekas pe karam keejiye" in the legendMugal-e-Azam. The song was Film-e-Azam.

The sweet and shrill voiced Hemant Kumar had us mesmerized with his"Darshan Do Dhanshyam" in Narsi Bagat, composed by Ravi. RavindraJain had the cute little girl sing "Humko Manki Shakti Dede" inGuddi.

Very few MDs have highlighted Hamir Kalayani in Tamil, first in theplace being Vis & Ram with the duo's evergreen "Ennuyir Thozhi"in Karnan. The same duo had us spellbound in Sumaithangi with the sweet and never-gets-old voice of Janaki in "En Annai Seidha Paavam".Later, MSV alone had TMS and Suseela in the duet, "Chandrodayam orupenn anadho", in a film of like name.

Interestingly, you would find in the above songs, sitar and saroddominating the other instruments.

No wonder, the instruments basicallyof the HCM and pertaining to the Mugal Era could never have a match inretention and exposition of the Mugal of the Ragas.

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George said...

Vasant Desai was the music director for Guddi and not Ravindra Jain.