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The song
that raised the pedestal of a jingle master to a globalcomposer,
the song
which transcended linguistic barriers,
the song
which captured the imagination of hundreds and thousands of film buffsand music lovers,

we are referring to A.R.Rahman's "Roja janeman"(kadal rojave in Tamil Original).
That song was on Des
A very fitting raga for a starter who went to create history with his
"vande mataram",
especially if you remember, the conventional vande mataram (DD) and the more complex Hemant Kumar's Vande Mataram (Anand Math) are also on this Des.
A.R.Rahman again declared love for Des
"ab hamari dil meinhai' ("sarfaroshi ki tamanna" in Baghat Singh),
a song whichalmost equaled Hemant's Anand Math song in its presentation andcomposition.
True to its patriotic name, Des is Des in both CCM and HCM and is forriyaaz from late evening to midnight
.Aorkan : S R m P N S
Avro : R n D P m
Follow the surs,D N S R n D Pn S R P m G Rthat gives you the gist of Des.
Suraiya and Talat Mahmood were at a loss to understand
"Dil yeh naadantujhe hua kya hai" (Mirza Ghalib).
Later Rafi lovingly surrendered tohis love
"Jahan Jaayiyega, hame paayiyega."(Arzoo),
while he, onanother occasion, found himself entangled by
"takdeer ka fasaana"(Sehra).
A girl fallen in love finds everything brighter and newer.
"Kyon Naye Lagra hain yeh darti yeh chaman"
wondered Manisha in1942 - A Love Story - the last movie of Pancham.
Which raga would have suited the love feeling or the love outflowingthe physical self or the wonderous rapturous feeling of the new foundlove - other than our Des, a raga, at once melodious and brimmingwith life, joy, wonder.When sorrow strikes, the girl desires Des be sung.
"thunbam nergayilyaazheduthu e inbam serka maataya".
MGR remembers his joyous lovewhich is still green in his memory
""Androru naal idhe nilavil"(Nadodi).
Earlier P.Bhanumathi pined for the same MGR in her nasalchords
"Avarkum Enakkum uravu kaati" (Madurai Veeran).
Even the notso conventional or not so sweet voice of Varalaxmi was so touching andfull of affection in
"Singara kanne" (Veerapandiya Kattabomman).
Who says today's composers have least regard for classical?
Justlisten to
"Kanave kalayadhe",
a very beautiful composition in Des,which brings out the quientessence of the raga.
Kudos to the composer.
Again follow the sursD N S R n D P n S R P m G RThough named Des,
the surs liberate you from all the physical boundaries and take you on an everlasting and ever enjoyable travel to the world mysterious and yet mesmerizing, unknown and yet allencompassing, flushed with joy and yet with a deep dent of sadness
Des is Universal.
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Anonymous said...

Desh is one of my favourite ragas...Thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog,I always listen to the song "Aji Roothkar yoon, Kahan Jayiyega"...didnt realise it was Desh rag until I read ur blog.